Grohlercoaster are a Dave Grohl tribute based in Hampshire,UK.
They aim to take you on a trip down memory lane blistering through the songs of his bands; Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, even Tenacious D, faithfully mastering the signature sounds and grooves whilst avoiding any need to wear wigs!


The band’s own Dave (Jim) has been a huge fan since the year Nevermind broke, and Grohlercoaster was formed early 2017 using the best rock musicians he could find online. That July, four relative strangers stepped onto the stage to play the first gig and they haven’t looked back. 


The band have gone from strength to strength, headlining the prestigious Dublin Castle and offering support at Worthies Festival, The Red Lion Festival and Gosport Festival supporting The Hoosiers.


So where next? 

Grohlercoaster is an energetic, loud rock show, taking you on a nostalgic trip through the days of grunge and back again.

If your venue can take it, book us in and you won’t be disappointed! We can also arrange double headers with a number of other great tribute bands.


This is not the greatest band in the world... this is a tribute :)